Posture & Mobility MOT

10 Spaces available  

UPDATE: 9 Spaces available

Keen to learn more to prevent injuries next year? Want a full head-to-toe screen, assessment & treatment? Need a structured programme to improve your health in 2019?

We are offering 10 places on our  Posture & Mobility MOT programme starting Jan 2019

Book today for £90 Pay in full for £499

Discover your Posture score - a unique system we've developed to give you an accurate measure of your current musculo-skeletal health.

Your complete Posture MOT

 - Discover your Posture score

Developed by HeadStart Clinics - an accurate measure of your current musculo-skeletal health based on your test results

 - Receive expert treatment

The MOT includes 3 x treatment sessions each designed with specific body parts to focus on ensuring a full body MOT

 - Create your 3mth Progression Plan

With the help of your therapist create your Progression Plan. A 3 month roadmap of how to continue your progress

Our philosophy of Heal - Mobilise - Strengthen is the key to getting our patients pain free

Is the Posture & Mobility MOT for me?


This programme is put together with over 10 years experience designed to test ANY body, highlight problem areas AND provide you with treatment & advice to address these weaknesses. 

This particular MOT is most useful as a preventative tool. It certainly can help if you are in pain or injured, but our aim to stop you getting injured in the first place. This is what the Posture & Mobility MOT is designed for.

We help you to understand where the restrictions & limitations with your current mobility - and then work with you to improve upon these as part of the programme.

What's included in the Posture & Mobility MOT?

1. Initial Assessment, Report & Posture Score (value £180)

In this 60min appt you'll receive a FULL postural assessment; posture, range of motion, flexibility & mobility testing. You'll also receive a detailed report of what the therapist has found INCLUDING your Posture score - a unique system we've developed to give you a real measure of your current musculo-skeletal health. 

2. Treatment sessions (value £120)

3 x 30min appts over the following weeks addressing YOUR issues, providing treatment and advice

  • Session 1: Neck, Shoulders & Upper back
  • Session 2: Lower back & hips
  • Session 3: Legs, Knees & Ankles 

3. Final Assessment & updated Posture Score (value £150)

In this final 60min appt your therapist will repeat the testing and provide your new Posture Score & Final report. This will show you the progress that you have made over the past weeks, as well as highlight the areas the need ongoing attention. 

Progression Plan (value £80)

You and your therapist will work together to create your 3 month Progression Plan. Giving you a roadmap of how to continue this work over the next 3 months. This may include treatments, exercise, mobility drills and/or lifestyle advice. 



Secure your place on the Posture MOT programme starting Jan 1st 2019

Book your Posture MOT

Secure your Posture MOT place today by either paying in 6 x monthly installments of £90 or pay in full for £499. Once payment is complete you will be able to book your Initial Appt with Imogen for Jan 2019

Book today for £90
Pay in full £499



1. Can I buy this as a gift? 

Yes! Just email us at after purchase and we will arrange gifting the MOT.

2. Why are there limited places?

Each time we offer the Posture MOT programme to a limited number of patients. Because it is a intense top-to-toe testing programme we take a group of patients through the programme at the same time with our specialist MOT therapist Imogen. This allows us to give you 100% of our attention, answer ALL your questions and provide the complete MOT programme at a high standard from start to finish!

3. Why have you chosen this structure? 

After your initial appt, the following sessions are structured to ensure that you have a full body MOT, top to toe. Often in normal appts we end up focusing on pain treatment, rather than prevention. This Posture MOT is designed to help you PREVENT pain and injuries, by thoroughly examining your entire body!

4. Can I cancel if I have paid? 

You can transfer the MOT to someone else as a gift or cancel and receive a full refund up to 7 days after purchase. After this date any payments are non-refundable. 

5. Any other questions?!

Just email us at! We can alos set up a call if you would prefer to speak directly with a therapist.

If you are interested in the Posture MOT and want more information, or have some specific questions then get in touch.

We're here to help you build a better relationship with your body, this MOT programme is a committment to improving your health. If there is anything we can do to help you take that decision to Book your Posture & Mobility MOT then let us know!