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Designed by Heather Pearson & HeadStart Clinics focusing on Mobility, Flexibility & Recovery for Athletes

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LOCATION: St Andrew’s Hall, St Andrew’s Road, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1DH

PARKING: Limited free on street parking in surrounding streets

EQUIPMENT: All equipment will be provided, feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a towel and water bottle. 

ABOUT YOUR YOUR YOGA TEACHER: Heather first came to yoga over ten years ago in an effort to increase strength & flexibility in her own body. Heather offers a variety of classes, drawing from her training as an Occupational Therapist which makes her the perfect teacher for a course like this! For more information about Heather visit her website here


Week 1 - Legs
Week 2 - Hip Mobility
Week 3 - Lower Back
Week 4 - Spinal Mobility
Week 5 - Chest & Shoulders
Week 6 - Recovery

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1. Can I purchase a place for someone else? Yes! Just email us at and we'll ensure the Yoga for Athletes Course place is activated for them

2. I'm not an 'athlete' can I attend? Yes! This class is fundamentally a mobility class. We've designed the course to target the specific areas that most patients in clinic who do regular sport struggle with. But in reality most people struggle with these areas too. This will NOT be an intense class! The focus also includes recovery - also Heather is extremely experienced so will be able to modify the poses for 'you'.

3. Why only 10 spaces available? Because this is a specialist course we want to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to benefit from Heather's experience. It will give more opportunity for questions and for her to give everyone some 1:1 attention.

4. I have never done yoga before but I have done mobility work. What is different? Simply put, this is a full class experience with an expert teacher. The poses and stretches are designed specifically to have flow and tackle 'all' areas of your mobility. There will be new positions and different coaching cues to what you have done before. So yes, this can definitely benefit you!

5. I have some other questions. No problem, just get in touch with us at



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